Danger of using phone at night


Many individuals form a smartphone addiction because they can't live without the acceptance and information they have access to on their devices.


Studies have shown that spending too much time on your phone is bad for your focus and mental health.


How To Know If You're Addicted To Your Phone


1.Feeling extremely anxious if your phone or battery dies or if there is no service


2. Using your phone up to the minute you go to bed and checking it the minute you wake up.


3. Sleeping with your phone on your bed.


4. Reaching for your phone in times of anxiety or depression.


5. Mindlessly passing time by looking at your phone.


It's preferable to keep up with whatever you want to do with your phone by day but using it at night is harmful to human health. The following are the damages that arises from using a phone at night always:


1. It Can Damage Your Eyes


The blue light emitted from your personal electronic devices is part of the full light spectrum. We are exposed to it by the sun each day, but night time exposure to that same light (which is emitted at high levels by smartphones, tablets, laptops and other LED screens) may be damaging to your vision.


Studies have shown that direct exposure to the blue light can damage your Retinas and this could lead to a macular degeneration, a condition that causes the loss of central vision.


2. It Can Interfere With Your Sleep


Light disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body's sleep cycle. Not only will this result in sleepless nights and fatigue, but can also lead to variety of health problems including heart disease, weight gain, depression, and anxiety.


3. It Can Increase Cancer Risk


When your melatonin levels are suppressed, your risk of cancer and other ailment increases. If you're a chronic nighttime phone user, you significantly increases your risk of cellular damage, increased inflammation, unhealthy immune function and disease.


How To Break from Being Addicted To Your Phone


1. Keep To Your Schedule


The most basic step for keeping yourself off your phone is by setting alarms specifying how often you can check it. You can start from every 15 minutes to every 45 minutes.


2. Turn Off Your Push Notifications


Notifications usually interrupt people by drawing their attention off whatever they ought to be doing. It is advisable to turn off as many notifications as possible if you want to get rid of being addicted to phones.


3.Remove All Distracting Apps From Your Home Screen


Many phone users are easily distracted by their favorite apps, some switch from facebook to instagram and then to twitter etc. If an addicted person hide or remove his/her favorite app from the phone homescreen, the number of time he or she may be tempted to use it will be reduced to the barest minimum.


4. Remove Your Phone From Your Bed


Don't let your phone be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. Keeping your phone far from your bed will help you overcome your addiction to it.


In Nigerian, many of us are victims of phone addiction and some of us don't know the dangers involved in nighttime phone usage. Kindly share this article to keep others informed.



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