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How to detect a negative energy using egg and glass of water

In this day and age, there are many people who will wish harm on you without you even realizing it. These people push their negative energies onto you and as those energies build up, you will be pulled down drastically.

While you may have never thought about using an egg to detect and work to remove negative energy or ‘evil’ in itself, it can be quite an effective means. That being said, you have to be very careful as eggs can be fragile. Many have used eggs in the past to work to detect evil or the use of evil/dark magic, this is something known as egg divination and will bring things to light that you may have never noticed before.

Egg divination is also known as Oomancy and can be done as a spiritual cleanse. This kind of thing comes in many forms and can be done in a number of ways. In order to use an egg to detect evil you will need to take a raw one and pass it over your body. Roll it from your forehead back to the base of your neck slowly and with the intent of learning just what things could be present in your life.

The word Oomancy is derived from two Greek words, oon (an egg) and Manteia (divination), which literally translates into egg divination. Oomancy was common form of divination practiced in ancient Greece and Rome, where it was believed that one could tell the future by interpreting the shapes formed when the separated whites from an egg was dropped into hot water.

For example: If the egg white resembled the shape of a bell, it would mean a wedding would be taking place soon. If the egg white resembled a snake, then it was considered a warning of danger.


History of Oomancy:

Although oomancy was thought to have originated in Greece, there is belief this practice was also used by ancient Druids in Scotland as well.

Egg divination was often used to gain knowledge about children still in the womb, such as the gender, health, and due date of the unborn baby. In practice, they would rub an uncooked chicken egg on the pregnant mother's belly, then crack it into a saucer. If the broken egg contained one yolk, then the mother would give birth to one child. If the egg contained 2 yolks, 3 yolks, or more, this would indicate the mother would give birth to twin or triplets or so on. It was also believed that if the yolk contained spots of blood, it was a bad sign indicating a miscarriage or complications during birth. Another common method of oomancy in regards to the unborn child is to incubate a chicken egg between the pregnant woman's breasts. It was believed that when the chick hatched, its gender would reveal the gender of the mothers unborn child. There was also a form of oomancy that didn't involve cracking an egg open, but rather hard boiling it instead. On one end of the egg was written the name of a god or goddess, and on the other end was written a goal the person wished to achieve. The hard boiled egg was then allowed to roll down a slope, and interpreted by which end was facing upward and what direction the egg was pointing.

Oomancy was a popular divination method used in New England in the late 17th century. Along with other young girls of Salem Village, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams are known to have to played at reading omens by means of an egg and a mirror (or "Venus glass"): an apparently similar system of egg divination.  It was reported by Reverend John Hale that these girls used eggs in a glass to learn the profession of their future husbands. The Norse tradition of oomancy was to pierce the egg and blow the egg white out into a glass of water where it was left for a day. Then the diviner would use the egg glass to scry for answers to the question.


Oomancy and the Evil Eye:

Often in history the egg has been associated with the evil eye. Egg divination would be performed on a client believed to have received the evil eye. When performing this ritual, the egg is passed over the persons body or rolled upon the skin, then it is placed beneath the clients bed, upon the mantle, or on the altar. After a day, the egg is cracked into a glass or bowl half full of water and is then interpreted to see if the client has been given the evil eye.


Modern Uses of Oomancy and Occult Practices

Oomancy has become very popular in modern occult and new age traditions. Traditions such as Wicca, modern paganism, and modern witchcraft claim to not only use eggs for divination but also cleansing and removal of negative energies.

One ways this can be done is to roll the egg all over a persons body so it can absorb the negative energy within the person. Then this egg is cracked open into a bowl of water where it can be interpreted as to whether or not the negativity has left the body. A modern day variation of the hard boiled egg divination is to draw symbols on different spots of the egg shell that each indicate a different answer to the question being asked. After the egg is rolled down the slope, whatever symbol is face up is considered the answer.

In parts of south and southeast Asia, eggs are thrown onto the ground and the shapes made upon impact are interpreted.

In Guatemala, eggs are used to diagnose illnesses by passing several eggs over the patient and placing them in water to be interpreted. This same technique has been used in Hoodoo traditions to treat the sick and injured.

From there roll it up your arms, legs, and the bottoms of both your hands and feet. Be sure to always roll upward as to bring these evil energies up and out of your being as best as you possibly can. Next, you will need to place the egg on a mantlepiece or somewhere safe that it can sit overnight and from there crack it open the next day into a clear glass bowl that has been half filled with water.

Now that the egg has been cracked you need to take the time to really thoroughly examine the contents properly. Look at the color of the egg, the cloudiness of lack of cloudiness of the white as well as the condition of the yolk. Do you see a face in the yolk? Is there any blood present in the egg itself?

If the yolk stays in the middle or towards the top that is a sign that something is working against you. The more bubble shooting upwards the more negativity you are being affected by. The things found within your egg can serve as a warning if you look closely enough. Any shapes or faces you see reveal who or what is the source of your concern.

Eyes on the egg reveal that someone has been watching you and is quite envious of you. Because of this you can come forth with blockages and end up quite out of place. It is also important to note that if the egg itself seems to fall apart while moving it forth over your body during the ritual itself, you are overflowing with negative energies and may need to try more than one egg to get things flowing properly.

Once you’ve looked your egg through, take the bowl somewhere outside of your home and bury it underneath some kind of plant. Allow positivity to grow from the bad and before covering it with Mother Nature herself, call on the universe to release you from all it has been influencing.

Would you ever give this kind of thing a try? 

I for one think it is important to do at least once every few weeks. The more you are aware of what is before you the more properly you can work to combat it.


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