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Farmboy.Ng is integrating world class solutions to a rich African heritage and committing to an exclusive networking of sharp young minds

Farmboy.Ng is a subsidiary of Manywaters Farms Ltd – RC 795245 registered and operating since 2009. They farm and partner farmers in promoting food security in Nigeria with youth and rural dwellers inclusion. They also created an investment option for sponsor investors who desire safe agricultural earnings longterm and a training option to enhance Africa Food Project. They are the first in Nigeria to have developed a Farm Land Use Plan (FLUP) used for integrated farming inclusive of GPS enabled technology. 

They are targeted at promoting and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 1, 2, 3. Bringing you a farm to table experience in a climate friendly way. Their farm produce are cultivated in Nigeria and fresh from the farm to your table, They have an expansion outlook to help Sub-Saharan Africa with 100% healthy, hygienic and organic farm produce, boosting food security in the region. They do bulk supply and medium orders to hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, open markets, special occasions, health bars, international destinations and homes. Their investment options are guaranteed payment on due date as our portfolios are balanced with trade. They do all the hard-work for you, while you earn and they enjoy increased yield, helping rural farmers. 

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Farmboy.Ng are fully engaged in smart agripreneurship and can provide equipment, consultancy, set up and services for your agribusiness.

In addition, Farmboy.Ng management consists of nutrition and dietetics academic with proven experience in natural health therapy and smart agri-preneurship food security researchers, ISO certified auditors and farmers.

Farmboy.Ng sponsor investors and private partners are focused on Food Security attainment in Africa with a climate friendly approach. Farmboy.Ng cash crop and commercial farms are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC). To be a sponsor investor, means your capital and interest is secured  and will be paid on due date with the four steps below. Help Line: 07025002789.

Please note for sponsors, Farmboy.Ng Company runs 24hours everyday and 7days a week, therefore all Investment Agreements are signed to Investors within 48hours of Investment and pay out is done within 24hours on due date, irrespective of day of the week. In pursuant to Farmboy.Ng agreement, the Investor can choose the following options at the end of the investment cycle:

• Full withdrawal of sponsorship capital and interest.
• Withdrawal of interest only and reinvestment of sponsorship capital.
• Reinvestment of Sponsorship capital and interest.

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In the event that the Investor after 3 months, requests to withdraw sum invested before the end of the investment cycle, Farmboy.Ng will still help to make sure the sum invested shall be paid in full to their sponsor investor without any interest within 7 days of request.


1. Visit: Farmboy.Ng

2. Select your preferred category
On Farmboy.Ng site, click the investment option and pick which category and units that fit your financial goal and food security interest.

3. Create your farm account
With the category selected,you can automatically safely fill in your details. Please note, Farmboy.Ng will verify your email address and phone number.

4. Sponsor farm investment
Using direct transfer, USSD code or your ATM card, sponsor your investment with guaranteed returns while boosting food security in line with sustainable development goals and helping rural farmers

5. Track your sponsorship
You will have access to monitor your investment growth weekly. One week to your due payment date, your preferred account number will be requested  and entered into Farmboy.Ng system for payment on due date.

Farmboy.Ng is integrating world class solutions to a rich African heritage and committing to an exclusive networking of sharp young minds, disciplined towards new ways of excellence in agribusiness.

Together with Farmboy.Ng investors, they are contributing to enhancing food and nutrition security, by boosting local food production. Earn 25 - 30% return on your investment with Farmboy.Ng.

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