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How to grow your Whatsapp status - How WhatsApp TV can earn you money?

Do you know you can make enough money to foot all your bills by just using your WhatsApp account to entertain people?

Owning a WhatsApp Tv is just like having a personal blog. Of course, having the former is way easier than having the latter when it comes to dedication and commitment, but not better in any way. While blogging requires a lot of search engine marketing and optimization practices, you only need to add more to your contacts in order to build your WhatsApp Tv. And while you need to create 2000+ words to optimize a blog for SEO, you just need a few words to build your WhatsApp TV.

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Several folks also do research through Google and elsewhere trying to figure out how they can earn a steady flow of income from their own WhatsApp status Tv as well as get paid writing status. Of the multitude, only few have been able to figure it out and earn a living from it.

What is WhatsApp?
Whatsapp is a social media platform that individuals or organizations use to communicate (send messages, files, contacts, documents, and other supported files) to friends, family, and business partners globally. The app is used by over a 1.2billion people all-round the globe.

What is WhatsApp Television (WhatsApp TV)?
This is when you use your WhatsApp account to entertain your contacts through your status.

When you keep hearing WhatsApp TV, just know it when someone uses their account to share informative, educating, and funny memes on their status.

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Note: WhatsApp TV is not an App on its own. It’s the regular WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. But this time around, you treat as a business entity.

How to earn money with WhatsApp TV?
1. WhatsApp TV owners earn money on a daily basis through advertisements. They get paid for every advert they post on their status. This is possible when an individual or a business entity contacts you to help them publicize their products or services, as the TV owner, you charge them a certain amount of money for the service rendered.

2. Sell people’s products – You could also participate in affiliate marketing. Reach out to companies and express your interest in sharing some of their products with your viewers for a commission of the sales and strike a deal.

3. Sell your own product – You could also sell your own product. If you already have a business or not, you could tap into the number of viewers you have and try to sell something. You never can tell as that may be the start of a business venture.

You can choose to charge them daily, weekly, or monthly depends on your agreement with them. As a WhatsApp TV owner, your only chance of making money is when you have lots of status views (people viewing your status).

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You don’t expect to be getting just 35-60 status views and expect anyone to pay you for advertisement. But in cases where you get up to 100-5,000 status views, you can be making at least N20,000 daily from adverts.

How do I increase my status views?
If you want your WhatsApp status views to increase, you need to post content that people love much and this is only possible when you have a lot of contacts. You can't have many views without you having a lot of contacts despite posting good content.

Traffic is the only sure way to earn a dime online. So before you make money from your TV, you need to have a lot of subscribers (contacts) because the more contacts you have, determines the number of WhatsApp status views you get.

NOTE: Not all posts you see on peoples WhatsApp status are posted for fun or just because they wanted to post it. Most of them are called sponsored posts or adverts (People paid to have it posted).

WhatsApp TV owners who know what they are doing and have the right tips earn good money from their TV by giving shoutouts, placing adverts, and selling products through their status and broadcast list. You automatically become a social media influencer when you own a WhatsApp TV and have a good number of persons viewing your status. Some TV owners charge N2,000 for 24hours per post. Now calculate N2,000 x 30. It’s roughy N60,000 in just a month.

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What is required to start a WhatsApp TV?

- A smart phone
- A business logo (optional)
- A WhatsApp business account

If you’ve prepared to start, it’s all well and good I will link you up to a group where you can grow your whatsApp status for FREE read further.

Whatsapp TV is actually one of the smartest ways to start making money online. However, you should know that there're some certain steps you should take if you want to be successful.

If you've been looking for ways to start making money with your smarthphone, then you can grab this opportunity.

So to get more views, get people to have your number on their phone and also have their number on your phone. Join e-business whatsapp group let's get you started ... Over 5,000 to 1 million viewers assured all for FREE.

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