Quick and easy meal to make

solutions to easiest meal , here is a list of easy-to-make Nigerian dishes for you Image

Boiled Yam And Red Oil

This is the easiest dish to make. The only spice required is just salt.

You can choose to eat with spicy palm oil, or even some fried eggs and tomato stew, it is very tasty.


I presume everyone is familiar with noodles, it can be prepared plain, thats if you wish to do it like so, on the other hand you can add all sorts of vegetables like carrots etc.

It is even written on the packs that this dish can be prepared in less than five minutes; simple does not get easier than this.


Pasta is one dish I cannot do without. It is almost as delicious as Jollof with half the stress and time. There are a lot of different recipes to prepare this dish; one thing they all have in common is the simplicity. Indeed, this dish takes about 30 minutes to prepare.

Okro soup

This is one of the easiest soups to cook.it can be prepared in just above 30 minutes, especially when fish is used instead of meat. Best of all, the simplicity does not take anything away from the overall taste.

Garri And Groundnut

This is an excellent appetizer to keep you till the main course comes. All you need to prepare this awesome dish is garri, milk, groundnut, sugar, water and ice cubes for an even more amazing feel. 

Fruit salad

This is one dish that is packed with vitamins to last you a whole month. As delicious and easy-to-make as the dish is, it is also highly nutritious. All you need do is dice a couple of fruits, mix them together, cool them for a bit, add your groundnut and milk then munch on the goodness that is fruit salad. 


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