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TFC is a Stellar Asset, meaning it runs on the Stellar Blockchain, one of the largest crypto ecosystems in the world. Image

TFC is the only way that advertisers can pay for ads in TFA. A limited amount of TFC is accepted by businesses around the world that want to access TFA userbase. They accept some TFC at required price of 5 EUR and then use the TFC to buy ads in the system at that same value.

TFC is TFA way of sharing ad revenue with the users. TFC can be earned free in TheFutbolApp (TFA) and spend FREE inside the app with participating businesses.

The more users TFA gain, the more businesses will want to accept TFC to access TFA userbase. TFC has a limited supply, and can be used as a secure store of wealth just like Bitcoin.

TFC is a Stellar Asset, meaning it runs on the Stellar Blockchain, one of the largest crypto ecosystems in the world. TFA is a football themed social network where you can interact with your favorite club and the other fans of that club in many ways.

Kindly take your time to read this post carefully. You will acquire a whole lot of information on how to earn TFC.

Nevertheless, incase of wallet activation you need to be active, also participate in TFA activities regularly. All this will help speed up your TFC earnings.

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????? A?? E????????? Y?? N??? T? K??? About ???/TFC

TheFutbolApp by pandaHAUS is an ecosystem of powerful features for the worldwide football community.

TFA is the first quality social network for football fans around the world. TFA transform each Club into a vibrant social network for their fans with, group discussions, social sharing, predictions games and much more.

In TFA, likes on social posts are spendable points, so the wealth of the network is shared with its participants. Points can also be exchanged for the TFC token (TheFutbolCoin).

This token is accepted by merchants around the world in limited amounts for payment in full for goods and services, food and drink. Participating Clubs also accept TFC for purchase of merchandise.

Because TheFutbolApp (TFA) are giving away millions of TFC during this promotion, TheFutbolApp (TFA) are NOT allowing people to withdraw TFC this year or price would be crushed and take a longer time to come back where it should be (if you already have upgraded in the past your plan is respected, but please do not sell now before TheFutbolApp (TFA) do their international marketing).

So if you came here thinking you can hit and run with a few dollars and not add value to the community, ??? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???! TheFutbolApp (TFA) is for people who love football and the side benefit of it is TheFutbolApp (TFA) share their ad revenue with you through the TFC token to spend at businesses that are listed inside the app.

The more users they have in a country the more likely businesses will come in and accept TFC under TheFutbolApp model.

Starting next year you will be able to withdraw easily and sell on an exchange. The goal now is to work together and build a ??????? sized community (7 million people) in this ??????? ?????? ??????.

For now, you can find TFC for trade/buy/sell into ??????? and for trade into Interstellar. Since its changes all the time, like every others token. Just go there and check it by yourself.

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????? ???, ??????? & ????????????????

It's all about digital currency, yes that's the simplest way to put it. A good number of people must have heard about the digital currency called the ???????, which was introduced sometime in 2009. However, we are not talking about bitcoin.

There's actually something else which is much better than the bitcoin. And since, it's new; the goal is to create awareness and to bring this to the attention of much people as possible. And this is called ??? - ??? ???????? ????.

This type of ??????? ????? have come to stay...especially since it's linked to a steady and dominant principal which is ????????.

And the TFC is primarily linked to Football. As we all know, Football is the no1 most ????????? ????????, I stand to be corrected anyway. And as this TFC just as the name implies is primarily linked to football, it can be used for betting freely, and one can earn TFC if he/she predicts a match correctly. This community gives you the leverage to ???? ?????? ???????? ??? ???? as you invite people and they create wallet you earn 1 TFC for each invite.

Again, the coin you earn is called ??? ?????? ????. It has the same ??????????????? as the bitcoin and has a ???? ????????? of taking over. It have be launched on an exchange called ??????? and ???????????? ???????? and trading have commenced but focus on gathering as much TFC as you can.

You can exchange and sell which then turns into physical cash we all see today but you better off trade with them and also buy as much as possible from ???????.

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??? T? E??? ??? ?? U???? ??? ???:-

You can earn points in the following ways listed below, 5000 points which is equals to 1 TFC is equal to 5 euro so in other words, 1 TFC = 2,100 Naira.

  1. ?????? ??????? (use invite friends button in app) / (personal pin). They must register from your link and activate wallet. You get 5000 points which is 1 TFC / 50,000 points which is 10 TFC (PROMO). Teach them about TFC and TFA, how it works, objective and more. Remember we rise by uplifting others and together we all can achieve greater heights.
  2. ???? ???????????. It’s free, you can only win. You get points for each correct result, more points for exact correct score, more points if score is higher (6 total goals or more) for example 3:3, 5:1, 5:2, 6:3 etc and more points if you take over the leaderboard at the end of the day.
  3. ??????????? ?????
  4. ???? ?????
  5. ????? ??????? "?????? ???????????" ???? ??? ???, ???? ???????? ??? ???????? ?????
  6. ??????? ?? ? ?&? ( ???????? ??? ?????? ). Take place anytime in the morning, afternoon and evening. In other words you should be active more often. ?????? take place in the ??? ?????????.
  7. ???????? ??????? is a game of luck. You pick only "one" number from 1 - 7. ?????? at 9:00pm Sharp. Advisable to be online before 9:00pm and post your lucky number 9:00pm Sharp, no second or milliseconds wasted. ????:- Posting more than one number leads to an automatic ban. ???????? ??????? are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Takes place on the TFC worldwide

????:- like and upvotes are points that can be converted to TFC. ??????????? in the several competitions, trivia, midnight madness, promos in the TFC worldwide channel and pandamoniums in both ??? ????????? and ??? ???????. ??? is like ??????? and is already accepted in ??????? ????????, ????????????.???????? & ?????? ????????.

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??? ?? ???? ???? ????????????

How to buy TFC on Latoken

??? ????????? ?????:-

Take note of the following. Some of the things that can lead to ban on TheFutbolApp (TFA).

  1. Posting of the following: i. I want to sell my TFC.
  2. Claiming of winning Midnight madness or trivia when the person didn't win.
  3. Refer link share or code share in the app is not ??????? / ??????????.
  4. Voice, video and external link that ??????????? ????? ???????? is not ??????? /??????????.
  5. Any ??? / ???? in the group aren’t allowed to protect TFA users from potential internet thieves and scammers. Post will be deleted and user will be banned.
  6. In TFC worldwide, write only in ???????. You can always use your native language for comments and questions in your ???????'? ????????. Post will be deleted. All accounts have to update their ??????? ???????. Empty profile picture means ???????? ??????? for TFA.
  7. ???????? before and during ??????? or ???????? ??????? is not allowed. ( In ??? ????????? Especially).
  8. Use of ??????? or ????????? words on any member is highly ?????????? as TFA preach only love and unity in the community.

Please, don't let them ban you. It will affect your TFC mining rate.

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???? ??? ? ???? ??? ?

Lots of Exchange site have accepted it but for various reasons sells or trade will start  2021 meanwhile keep inviting and teach your friends and loved ones about ??? & ??? both how it works, benefits and objectives, predicting, chatting, posting, liking, having fun and gather more Points. Advice from me to you; don't sell your TFC.

??? ??? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?

Go to your profile and click on "Points to TFC"

??? ?? ? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???????? ??? ?

Go to your profile Click on "settings" sign close to edit profile. Click on "invite your friends and get points” Or Copy your "Personal pin"

When someone perhaps a friends clicks on your link, downloads the app and clicks open or continue, tell him or her to send a screenshot of the first page that pops up after the app open then click proceed. Search for this :- invited by "your TFA name" If seen then he or she can proceed Or  Better still, he or she can download and install the The Futbol App from ???? ????? ?? ??? ?????. When done, he or she must input your personal pin and then click sign up. And they must ???????? ????? ?????? by clicking on " ?????? ?????? " on their first login or Kindly verify the wallet on their profile. Profile image ???? be your face ( human verification ). Validate their phone number. ??????? : +(234) "08090000999" Remember to update your profile picture, bio and others. And also be an active member on TFC App.


1. 100+ matches to predict daily in other words lots of points (TFCs).

2. Participate in VIP premier league competitions and stand a chance to win 8,750 TFC, 5000 TFC, 4000 TFC and a whole lot weekly.

3. Participate in VIP K League 1 competitions and stand a chance to win 12,500 TFC, 8000 TFC, 5000 TFC and a whole lot all for grabs weekly as well.

4. Participate in PPP premier league weekly and stand a chance to win 1,300 TFC, 900 TFC and a whole lot. Play lots of Pandamoniums.

5. Participate in VIP Trivias and stand a chance to win lots of TFC in the giveaways.

6. Follow more team on your account.

How to register

Join TFA today and experience the finest app to share the highs and lows of football with likeminded people. 

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