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How to create a perfect article

When you want to create a perfect post on, that will pass moderation and gain quick approval, this is an easy blueprint to follow:

Pro Tip: Ensure your profile is fully updated with the required information about yourself. Here are some tips and things to fill out:

- Step 1: Add a profile photo.

Edit your profile and add a photo of yourself. This photo will appear in all your articles. The ideal profile photo should be in a 1:1 aspect ratio in either .jpg or .png format.

- Step 2: Fill out your basic personal info.

We don't need too much information about you, so let's just stick with the basic things needed to know you, like your first and last name, country, and a little intro about you.

Here are a few things to note while creating your article:


Cover photo/Image

Your article needs a cover photo that has good quality and it should have a size of at least 640 x 427 pixels. The photo will appear at the top of the post to deliver a visual element that supports your content and draws attention, or emotion from your readers.

Your article titles

The title is the first interaction the user has with your article, so you have to keep it short, and compelling. this will appear across search engines like Google etc.

Example: try using keywords like (How, What, Why, When). This will help people find your content, therefore, achieving the goal of growing the world's knowledge.

Article description

The description has two roles - to be a great teaser for the article that makes people want to click on it and help improve SEO. Summarize your entire content in a few words, letting people know what your publication is about. Mention keywords that match what you are writing about.

Embedded Media

Your articles can have images embedded in them.

You can break large chunks of text with relevant images, gifs, embedded videos, embedded tweets, or any other resources that you find relevant. Make sure that all images have custom alt tags that accurately describe what the image contains.

This makes for a better reading experience and helps the article rank better.

You can also consider embedding YouTube videos, Twitter threads, and anything that you might find relevant.

Your article content

Your articles must be at least 500 -1000 words and they should best tell your story.

Your article can start with an introduction, the main body, and then a conclusion. You can ask for feedback from your readers, this will make them engage using the comments section.

Scan over your post to confirm there are no typos or misinterpretations of what's intended. When you’re happy with the final look, you can click “publish”. 

We will review and approve your post immediately.

What you should not post:

Hivefirm does not yet accept news content either globally or locally, overtly sexual materials, pornographic, political, or gossips contents. Whatever stays on Hivefirm is solely intended for educational/informative purposes only.

Things you should consider

If you want your content to be approved on quickly.

  • Your title must be descriptive and better describe your article.
  • Your post body must contain at least 500 - 1000 words, and best tell your story.
  • Your article has to be original and not copied or posted anywhere else on the internet.
  • Your profile information on must be complete and up to date.
  • If your article doesn't meet our criteria it won't be approved and published on Hivefirm.

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