What will help me lose weight faster.

Combination of Pineapple and cucumber is a powerful method that burns abdominal fat.

The addition of cucumbers and pineapple juice to a healthy diet in place of chips and soft drinks is a good step toward your weight-loss goals.


Fruit such as pineapple makes a healthy snack choice, and cucumbers have long been considered a dieter's friend because of the high water content and low-calorie count.


Although no food or two-food combination provides complete nutrition. Safe and effective weight loss can only be accomplished through portion control, exercise, and making long-term lifestyle changes.

Below is how to prepare pineapple and cucumber juice.

Step 1

Wash cucumbers and pineapple. Remove the top, bottom, and skin of the pineapple. Cut the flesh and core into medium pieces, along with the cucumber.

Step 2

Run pineapple and cucumber chunks through a juicer. Collect the juice in a large jug.

Step 3

Pour the juice into serving glasses filled with ice cubes. Garnish with fresh pineapple slices and mint leaves.

Drink every morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast.

Take the juice at least once a week and after completing this period, you should take a break for another week, then resume consumption only two times a week.

Not suitable for patients suffering from kidney stones and bladder disorder.

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