The best way to get started with cryptocurrency

I like to help you get started with crypto, sharing some tips and, giving you deeper information about cryptocurrency Image

I'd like to start by giving a little background information on what cryptocurrency is about.

Cryptocurrency is not an actual coin, but a form of digital currency. It uses encryption to secure transactions as well as to control the creation of new units.

In this article, I like to help you get started with crypto, sharing some learning tips and, giving you deeper information about cryptocurrency as crypto is both difficult and volatile. The intense interest in cryptocurrency has resulted in a large number of scams and frauds, so you need to be careful.

Getting Started

Firstly, I'd highly recommend you to start with finding out what lies below.  Enroll for this free course with Melanie Swan on Udemy - Block chain 101

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When you now have an idea of what crypto approx. is, start by getting into stable coins first (e.g USDT).  Those are coins tied to some real-world value like the dollar or gold. They aren't volatile, and you can still get pretty good interest rates with them.

And then, after watching the markets for some time and getting a feeling of how the market behaves and what drives prices, you could start to invest in non-stable coins like ( $BTC, $ETH, $BNB). 

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Cryptocurrency is both difficult and volatile. A long-term investment strategy is a much smarter idea for the average investor than short-term trading strategies. Most people who are buying cryptocurrencies for their potential future value might end up losing out because as time goes on, the value of cryptocurrencies changes continuously so the journey you take will always be different than that of other people.

It is more beneficial to buy some cryptocurrency at a low price and hold onto it until it rises in value while your investments appreciate over time. I always recommend people to Buy, Hodl, sell and make a profit.

If there is still something left that you want to know, or you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment. 

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I am happy to help you wherever possible. 😊


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