How To Send Your Message and Comments to Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Tv Screen

Want to see your name and comment on live television? This is the best way to send a message to Big brother Naija and have it display on TV.

The new season of Big brother Naija reality tv show is on the way. Do you want to share your comments and have them displayed on the Big Brother Naija tv screen? 

Then This is the best way to send your remarks or messages.

They know you love to make your voice heard, so this season, the organizers are making it even easier for you to get behind your favorites, share your valued opinions and connect with other BB Naija fans from all over the continent.  

They have introduced a new and exciting way to share comments, opinions, and gossips that will be rolled out on screen. Here’s how to send your messages to TV.


Option 1

Visit their website via 

Click on MSG2TV, then log in using your Facebook account or personal details. Once you have logged in, create a message and send, then keep messaging Big Brother Naija all season to be part of the conversation.


Option 2

Go to their official Facebook page: Big Brother Naija 

All you need to do is leave a comment on any of their posts. In addition, you can also create a post on their Facebook wall and write your message to Big Brother Naija, and it would be on television.

For more information, keep your eyes on our website or the Big Brother Naija website and their social media fan pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

I will like to know your expectations for this season. Write me in the comment box below.

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