Coinmarketcap - Folder Protocol (FOL) Answers (10$ FOL reward) | Learn & Earn

Learn about Folder Protocol & Take a Short Quiz to use your newfound knowledge.

Form Link: Direct form link

Payout amount: 10$ of FOL tokens

Payout time: unknown

NOTE: Only 20.000 rewards are available. First come, first served.


  1. Sign up and login at CoinMarketCap

  2. Register on Binance

How to:

Mobile - Click the profile icon in the top left corner, ID should be under your email.

Desktop - Click your email in top right corner and a dropdown will appear where you need to click your email again. ID should be next to your email in top left corner

  • Read the Folder Protocol article, watch the videos and take a quiz once finished.

  • Quiz form:

  • Accept Terms and conditions, provide CoinMarketCap email and Binance ID to start the quiz (answers below).

Quiz Answers:

1 - What is Folder Protocol’s main objective?

  • Decentralized storage project with layer-2 solution as an incentive layer on top of IPFS

2 - Which of the following is the name of Folder Protocol’s NFT platform?

  • Folkee

3 - Which of the following problems does the Folder Protocol want to solve in traditional IPFS setup and configurations?

  • All of the above

4 - Which of the following is NOT a benefit for $FOL holders on Folkee platform?

  • Exchange for cash

5 - Which of the following differentiates Folkee platform from other NFT platforms?

  • Folkee gives back the NFT data ownership to the NFT creators and owners

6 - What is ticker for Folder Protocol?

  • FOL


Add it to a Watchlist by going to and clicking the small star icon next to a token name.

To get your watchlist link click on your profile icon in the top right and click watchlist. On the right side you will see three dots ". . . More", click that and enable "Public", you should see the link below.

Good luck!

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