Market opportunity: selling of motor vehicles to public employees on loan terms, TANZANIA

Market opportunity: selling of motor vehicles to public employees on loan terms, TANZANIA

Every public employee like other employees in nongovernmental sectors has dreams. The mostly driven basic needs include food, shelter, clothes, and water. It is well know that employees have schedules task guided with working laws and regulations. Employees' attendance matters when comes to commitments and employers interest. This is normally determined by nature of works that defines contract for services/ contract of services. 

In Tanzani, public employees are guided with laws such as The constitution of 1977 with amendments, Public service Act, standing order of 2009 with it's amendments, public service regulation, Labor laws, and other laws, rules, and regulations.  Working hours are identified to be categorized depends on services provided where sectors dealing with health services and revenue collection authority are different from other sectors.  Normally, public employees at local government areas are required to work 5/7 days a week from 07:30 am to 15:30 pm. 

Public and private motor vehicles are commonly used by most of public employees. Culturally, most of employees are interested to driving their own cars to working stations. This provides them with an opportunity to attend their private movements after working hours since those with private business they go for their projects after working hours. Thus, demand for motor vehicles among public employees is necessary and to some extent it is identified to be a basic need. 

It is obviously that one to six months' salary cannot afford an employee to buy motor vehicles. Hence, most of them they go for loans to buy cars with exceptions to public officers who are higher ranked officers with high salary.   

Mtiba General Traders is one among business enterprises that is looking for resource mobilization adequate to render motor vehicles loans to public employees. 

Please find this contracts the company; Whatsapp: +255656789871, Email: [email protected], Calls & SMS : +255629276077


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