Ways you could be damaging your kidney

High blood pressure and diabetes are the two most common causes of kidney failure.

Your kidneys work 24/7 to keep the body healthy by filtering out toxins and extra fluid and regulating blood pressure.

Below are listed surprising ways you might be damaging your kidneys 

Not drinking enough water

Staying well hydrated enables your kidneys to clear sodium and toxins from the body, drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day is worthwhile.

Adding too much salt to food 

Eating too much salt might raise your chances of heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, and stroke.

Holding urine for long periods 

Can cause urinary tract infections due to bacteria build-up. It can also increase your risk of kidney disease and bladder bursting.

Lack of exercise

Studies have consistently shown that kidney function is significantly related to self-reported physical exercise.

Abuse of painkillers 

Taking one or a mix of Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen sodium medicines daily over a long time may cause chronic kidney problems.

Taking too much alcohol

Alcohol affects the kidney's ability to keep the correct balance of water and electrolytes in the body.

Taking too much coffee

Caffeine found in coffee, tea, soda, and foods can place a strain on your kidneys. Caffeine is a motivation, which can increase blood flow, blood pressure, and stress on the kidneys.

Taking too much sugar 

Once blood sugar levels reach a certain amount, the kidneys start to release excess sugar into your urine. If left uncontrolled, diabetes can damage the kidneys.


Smoking can seriously harm the kidneys in several ways. It can increase your risk of developing kidney cancers.

Damage your heart and blood vessels leading to poor blood flow to the kidneys and causing kidney damage over time.


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