The Fox And The Stork


Once there were a fox and a stork living in a jungle. The fox was very clever. She always teased others. One day she deided to pley a trick on the storik. She went to hs home and invited him to a dinner. THe stork went to her place for the meal.

The fox prepared a tasty soup and served it in flat plates cunningly. The storkwas unable to sip as his beak was so long. It was difficult for him to The hungry stork got angyry but he did not show his anger and quickly went home. THe sork had understttd the scheme of the fox.

He decided to teach the fox a lesson. He invited her to dinner the next evening. The fox arrived happily at his place. The stork served the meal in a jar with a jarrow neck. The stork easily ate all his food with his long beak, but the fox could not. She could not put her mouth into the jar. The stork said to the fox calmly, "Do not ridicule or degrade anyone for any reason, Allah has made us all equal. "THe fox was ashamed. She said sorry to the stork. They became friends again.

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