This article is about how people feel in the colour that they're wearing

Everyone has that one colour they prefer to wear all the time. It doesn't matter if it's dark or bright. Most people express their feelings with the colour they are wearing. Have you ever wondered why most weman prefer to wear bright dresses in their first dates?


The brighter and sexy they look the happier they become. The secrete behind bright colours is because they want to look more lighter and beautiful. Most smiles  are because they want to shine in what they are wearing.


Well sometimes  before you go out for a date or any special occasion you take a picture fist before you leave your place. The colour of what you're wearing can tell which occasion you are preparing yourself for.


There's colours that are a perfect match for nature, party, funeral,date and so on. The colour of what you're wearing can make you feel better and beautiful and sometimes tell your feelings.

For an example,most people wear black colour when they go out for funeral. That shows they are going to an occasion that is very sad and not celebration. Well sometimes black represent your sad emotions.


Most man don't have preference like weman when it comes to colours. Anything that they wear is fine with them and does not necessary tell their feelings.

Well everyone has their own preference when it comes to colour as long as they look beautiful.

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