Weight loss Naturally and make Smart figure

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weight loss naturally and make smart figure

I want to lose weight naturally without medication, but when you have been eating at the same percentage of fat as someone who took medicine, can your body adjust? Are you trying to lose weight without taking medicines?

Somehow, my body still gain weight while I’m under medication. We’re always trying to control our body’s metabolism while losing weight, it’s what we’re born with. We’re much too reliant on medication to lose weight naturally, the body already produces a lot of its own energy while under treatment, we can actually use our own immune system to help them out.

In ancient Greece they ate never mind on medicine for weight loss, they enjoyed hearty meals, if they felt they were lazy they simply walked out into the streets to eat more. It was much easier for them to loose weight naturally than with special treatments, so they were absolutely fine.

However, as more and more medicine got into peoples arms we started filling our veins with injecting steroids, while now doctors and doctors will prescribe magic mushrooms, and we too spend our whole lives getting excited because weight loss is the Holy Grail.

Why dieted people still gain weight while on medicine

Dieting takes an instant toll on our brain making it a part of you, we want to take away any thought we have about food because you need to eat when you feel hungry, so you take your med around midday, so now there is no more time for your body to break down food.

People diet under medication when they have been prescribed, so our body is not telling us when to take our med in the morning. Sometimes we eat every now and then, it’s okay and not unhealthy. However, when you’re medicated and you eat every now and then, it’s difficult for the body to adjust to giving you different types of calories from different sources.

Imagine you’re dieting in their living room when your dinner is sitting there waiting for you, any time you waste eating is not beneficial for you.

It’s much easier to change the size of your home in which way you can lose weight naturally, as your body was in your home today it’s ready to wait for you to come home.

If you’re not in the mood to eat when you get home, and the fridge is full of snacks that you’re allowed to eat, then that’s a good idea to start fresh

If you just take medicines, you’re not achieving the right body you were meant to be having, you’re paying for something that’s wrong and you’re not using your body to benefit you.

If you’re comfortable eating 3 meals per day on the couch or in the kitchen, get up and head for the kitchen. For a large family that size of meal has to be enough for everyone to eat a good meal.

Why the term ‘natural diet’ should not be used. When I start educating people about healthy eating we get into the definitions of ‘natural’ and ‘natural’ foods. We can define what natural is, but there is a trap here, we get into food with a back and forth debate. What’s natural for the food? What’s normal? Natural or the normal?

So many foods like meat, dairy and meat, dairy are healthy foods, and if they’re natural we’re fine, but what if there’s a given animal product in a vitamin D pill? Then is it natural?

When we should be eating healthy foods, we should be eating things we’re meant to. Foods that aren’t processed?

We need to have a regular meal plan to show you the way to live naturally, so people will follow your advice and lose weight naturally.


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