How to make Money online with YouTube

Most people don't believe that one can make money online, the truth is allot of people have made money online. The most reliable means through which you can make money online is first YouTube and blog.
Let me talk on YouTube
You can make money through YouTube by upload a video regularly, people like mark angel comedy, xploit, wap tv , nollly wood and so on , are been paid by YouTube,
Here is how it is run, when you keep upload video, and you have a subcribers, then you sign up for YouTube monetization, were you pather with YouTube, and they will place ads in you video, and they will pay you so easy, the good thing is they pay in dollar.
So it you want to post a video, go to your system, or use chrome if you want to use chrome, and serch for YouTube channel create one and start posting interesting video. Thank you
We stop here today.
If this was helpful and you want me to continue comment, in the comment box, thank you

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