How to Increase your male organ with alligator pepper

The alligator pepper is used for medicinal purposes, cultural purposes and common in cuisines.

The spice alligator pepper is no strange name to West Africans. If you have visited the Western part of Africa and tried out some of the local cuisines, then you must have heard about the spice as well. Now, have you ever wondered why this spice is so expensive and used in very small portions? If your answer is affirmative, continue reading to find out more details about the spice and what it brings to the table, literally. 

Common name:  Alligator pepper, mbongo spice, hepper pepper, ossame, grains of paradise, Melegueta, pepper, Guinea grains, fom wisa, or Guinea pepper,

Botanical name:  Aframomum melegueta

Family Name:  ginger family, Zingiberaceae

Nigeria Local name :
Ose Orji or okwa (Igbo)
oburo; ata; ata-ire.” (Yoruba)
chilla or citta(Hausa)

Uses of alligator pepper 

1.  The alligator pepper is used for medicinal purposes, cultural purposes and common in cuisines. When used in different West African cuisines, you will smell its pungency and spicy aroma in soups and stews. It is, however, expensive and hence used in small portions. 

2.  You may be wondering about the connection between alligator pepper and high blood pressure. As such, it is worth noting that it is good for the heart as it is rich in antioxidants such as alkaloids, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides and other phytonutrients. These antioxidants help reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases to prevent body parts damage. Moreover, it offers protection from free radicals which release and normalize normal blood pressure. 


3.  Culturally, among the Yoruba, newborns get a small taste of the alligator pepper shortly after birth as part of the routine of welcoming them to the community. 

4.  The ingredient is also used at traditional meets and greets when in-laws or various families come together. 

5.  In Igboland, it is mixed with koala nuts in naming ceremonies. 

6.  They also present it to visiting guests at the top of the agenda and before any food or entertainment. 

7.  Prayers and libations are made using the mixture which comprises of the kola nuts and the alligator pepper. 

8.  It is used in treating snake bites, especially in Asia especially because this continent has a wide range of species of snakes. 

9.  Crushed seeds are rubbed on the skin as a counter-irritant while the root is used to expel tapeworms and prevent constipation as a concoction. 

10.  It is also known to cure asthma. 

What are the benefits of alligator pepper? 

This spice boasts of a wide range of beneficial components that go a long way in addressing health issues like erectile dysfunction and weight loss. Here are the benefits. 1. Treating wounds and burns Aframomum melegueta is rich in high fibre, which ensures the fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing. In addition to fibre, Aframomum melegueta has a high amount of tannin that treats burns, heals wounds, and eases the pain of inflamed mucous membranes, therefore, reducing inflammation. The plant can also be used in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers, diarrhoea, stomach pains, and intestinal worms. 2. Maintaining blood sugar Atare as the Yoruba commonly knows it, is also used to lower blood sugar and keeping the blood sugar level using the amino acids that are present in it. 


Alligator pepper works on women’s libido and make women more sensitive to touch. Regulates lubrication. Increases sexual desire in less than 72 hours.

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Alligator pepper works on the whole erectile cycle, you can expect a better quality erection: Easier, harder and longer erection. Helps to delay ejaculation. Faster recuperation time, Sexual vitality, helps to preserve a healthy prostate too..

Alligator pepper ( aframomium melegueta) is a powerful natural aphrodisiac that increase man male organ and stimulates sexual desires and maintains high stamina for men.

Among women, it works on their libido and makes them more sensitive to the touch during sexual activity because the nerve endings are stimulated more.

Get alligator pepper!

Chew it or mixed it with hot gin for 24 hrs and drink it, you will see the result within a week.

Other benefits of this spice also include: 

In Senegal, seeds of Aframomium melegueta are mixed with salt and rubbed to the interior of the mouth as a treatment for sleeping sickness. The extract from the alligator pepper plant is analgesic in nature and is, therefore, used to relieve pains in the joints, teeth, stomach, rheumatoid pain and arthritis. The leaves from its plant can also be used in treating and preventing malaria. As such, it is a better alternative for quinine.

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The juice from the fresh leaves staunches bleeding. In addition to that, the spice can help in treating infectious skin diseases such as measles, chicken pox, and smallpox. Alligator pepper also has antimicrobial properties, which prevent serious illnesses such us staphylococcus. It also helps in easing menstrual cramps that ladies go through while menstruating. 

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