what's the biggest scam you've ever seen?

This Christmas period has reminded me of one that I'm sure happened to both of us.

Remember when you were small, every December, as a confam fine child, all your aunties and uncles would drop sweet cash inside your hand when they visit.

Before the thing even touched your palm, you'd have calculated all the goody goody and cheese balls you want to buy for yourself and all your friends in class.

But that dream no dey last because once the moni land like this, the nightmare was always just 4 words: "Give that to me" - your mother's shadow will appear over your shoulder.

Normal normal, when you tried to complain, you'll hear "let me keep it for you" or "won't you pay for the food you're eating in this house?"

Abeg, you don collect all your moni? This is the biggest scam in history because you dropped that money every single year, and till now, I know sey you never see anything.

If you sit down and add all the 50, 50 naira that you got back then, plus interest, you for don become billionaire by now.

But things don change o.

Just yesterday, one of my uncles came to visit, and as he stood up to leave, I followed him to see if he'll drop anything for boys.

That's how he was like: "Henry, you're a big man now na. See your fine shoe."

Me: Uncle Ade abeg, no be by fine shoe. I still dey grow abeg.

Uncle Ade: Well, me I don't have any cash to give you o.

Me: don't worry sir hivefirm always got me covered .

Uncle Ade: Which one is hivefirm again ehn Henry?

Me: Ah Uncle, it's my number 1 side hustle. I use hivefirm for all my finance needs. It's cheaper and faster than all these other platforms, and they even pay weekly interest just for posting content like Facebook .

That's how my uncle sign up on hivefirm yesterday o. And i got 2,500 hivecoin ????????

The strategy this Christmas is to bombard my family group on WhatsApp with my hiveID.

January will be very long and I can't come and carry last. Let me start saving money and earning interest from now so I go dey kampe when the year ends.

And this one is even 10 times better since i can earn from upvotes and comments.

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